What is a typical prescribed dose of Xanax ?

It is used to treat panic and anxiety disorders. It typically belongs to benzodiazepines affecting brain and nerves thereby producing calming effect.

The prescribed dosage of xanax mainly ranges from 0.25mg to 0.5mg per day. This dosage can be split in between three doses in the entire day. The health care specialist may increase the dose till the symptoms are under control. In few cases, the prescribed dose may be as high as 10mg in a day.

This drug should be taken through mouth as directed by the GP. The dosage is according to your age, condition and response to the treatment. The dose might be increased gradually till the drug starts working well. To reduce the risk of adverse effects the doctor’s instructions must be followed carefully. This drug may cause addiction if used for long periods in higher doses. The risk of addiction becomes even greater when you have substance use disorder. To lower the risk of addiction takes it as prescribed by the physician. Inform your health care specialist or doctor if your condition remains or worsens.

What is the lethal dosage of Xanax?

The amount which may potentially lead to an overdose may vary widely from person to person. It depends upon various factors. The factors are:

  • Your weight
  • How the body metabolizes the drug
  • Your age
  • If you have preexisting condition like kidney. liver and heart condition
  • If you take with drugs (including antidepressants) and alcohol

People who are older that is more than 65 years have increased risk of adverse effects including overdose. Hence they are prescribed lower doses of xanax since they are more sensitive to it.

If someone has overdosed and is having serious symptoms like trouble breathing you can call 911 or contact poison control center immediately.  Try not to try this drug with others as it may create unusual symptoms. Medical and laboratory tests such as liver tests performed periodically in order to monitor the side effects and its progress.

If you miss a dose take it as soon as you remember but when it is near the time of next dose. Try to take your next dose at the regular time intervals. Keep all the drugs away from the reach of kids and pets. Never flush the drugs in the toilet and also never pour it in the drain unless instructed to do so.